Friday, December 9, 2011

Breaking the Rules Already

Well, we have our first book meeting on the 18th and we have decided with getting such a late start we will start our book read (Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte) January. Then we are thinking of reading Little Women next. Then my younger sister( also co-leader) Bethany informed me that Wuthering Heights is part of a book series but in her opinion you don't need to read the books before hand to understand it. So in a way, we are breaking a rule before our book group really starts *if we read a book from a series we start with the first and read them all (then have a special small celebration because we finished the series)* What's funny is the whole point of having a book group is being able to talk with people about the great (or not so great) book you all have read and reading a book you may not have otherwise read. Well, with our first book read that is the case for my mother, aunt and I. Also, my personal goal is to get my mother to read a thriller/suspense read that she likes. She has the frame of mind that thriller and horror go into the same category and that just is not the case. She and I both do not like horror. But I love thriller/suspense. So I need to think of a real goosd page turner for her...Any ideas? I will need help with this...

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